» Rights and Safety


Under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, Golden Birches Terrace must post and follow the Residents Bill of Rights. The Residents' Bill of Rights spells out in detail residents' rights and the responsibilities of the facility to fully respect, promote and support these rights, as well as the residents' autonomy and decision-making. Every resident has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect, in a way that fully recognizes the resident's dignity and individuality and to be free from mental and physical abuse. The Bill of Rights reminds everyone- residents, staff, friends, family and neighbours- that residents of long-term care facilities are valued members of the community.

Golden Birches Terrace also maintains a Residents' Council. The Council, comprised of the residents, willing family members and friends, meet monthly to discuss pertinent issues related to Golden Birches Terrace. The residents are encouraged to attend meetings and discuss ideas and concerns. They are also encouraged to represent their peers when voicing opinions. The executive of the Council is elected annually by the residents.


Golden Birches Terrace uses the Versus Information System, which is an electronic nurse-call system. Residents and staff wear a badge at all times, which is pressed to call for assistance. The nursing staff receives a call and message on their pagers. This message identifies the resident and the location of the call. A message will also show on the computer located at the staff station.

All exterior doors have mechanisms that prevent unauthorized entry and exit for the security of our residents.

Safety Devices

It is our belief that residents have the right to be self-determining. Risks are part of life, and as such, we would prefer an individual to move about independently and encounter a reasonable amount of risk rather than to be restrained in any manner, hence becoming totally dependent. Wall mounted handrails are available throughout the facility. This helps residents to maintain their independence by providing some assistance. Safety devices, such as lap belts on wheelchairs are used for the safety of some residents following a comprehensive assessment of need. The order to use restraints must come from the doctor and are only used as a last resort for specific situations where the resident or others are at risk. Residents are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their safety.