The 2018-19 Board of Trustees is comprised of the following individuals:


Mr. John Frederick, 1st Vice Chair

Mr. Alex Solomon, 2nd Vice Chair

Mrs. Donna Latulippe, Chairperson

Mr. Jack Cruikshank

Mrs. Sharon MacKinnon

Mr. Bruce Harten; Mr. Peter Cavanagh

Mrs. Lucy Ann Trudeau

Mr. Guy Clement

Mr. Chris Astles

Mr. Marcel Denis

Mrs. Julie Chenard-Azzi


Thank you for your time and dedication to the North Shore Health Network.

Non-Voting Ex-Officio Members:

  • Ralph Barker, Chief Executive Officer

  • Connie Lee, Chief Nursing Officer

  • Dr. Lenka Snajdrova, Chief of Staff

The financial statements are available on our website home page under Public Reporting.